The stairway is a powerful metaphor with which to work.  It represents ascending and descending; it is always continuous and fluid like thoughts. Concentrating on this backstair way on the campus of the San Francisco Art Institute, I geared this project in capturing what is not able to be captured - thoughts, moments and ideas- all which have occurred on many levels over the past 30 years of the stairways existence within a community of artists, of thinkers, of creators.  Using bubble wrap as a primary medium, I wrapped the core of the four story stairwell to isolate the architecture and to give a preciousness to the site.  I intentionally chose this irresistible material to encourage new markings by those presently traveling those steps, reveling new intangibilities, making new markings of their own.  The echoing of the popping resonated subtly in the stairwell as the past and present ideas which developed and the moments which occurred at that site do and once did.  There was something very digital about all the possible buttons or bubbles laid out before you that connected with the idea of how we transport ideas today as bits of information.  Underneath the bubble wrap, I laid a staircase of text poetically constructed from words and phrases of titles of students’ artwork and quotes of the faculty for these words represented the true structure of that staircase.
Memory of The, San Francisco Art Institute Stairway Media: Site Specific Installation on Stairway: Bubble Wrap, Tape, Text, Sound, and People, Size: A four story stairway
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